The Center for Assessment, Inc.

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Expert witness testimony by Ms. Zoltowski assisted in the court's decision to terminate an abusive parent's rights to his children.

Oakland County, MI, January 2015

*Client successfully has record expunged of criminal sexual conduct offenses due, in part, to a risk assessment conducted at the Center for Assessment, Inc.

Macomb County, MI, December 2014

*  Father facing the termination of his parental rights after being exonerated of criminal Child Abuse 1st Degree charges via a judgement non-withstanding a verdict in Wayne County.  Mother also facing the termination of her parental rights.  After an extremely lengthy trial in which Ms. Zoltowski took the stand on three occasions, the parents' rights were not terminated, and their children will be returned to them.

Wayne County, MI December 2014

*Client,  an Air Force Veteran who sustained injuries during his service,  accused     of sexual misconduct.  Facing a possible 51 year prison sentence.  Ms.   Zoltowski's testimony regarding Traumatic Brain Injury and sexual impulsivity   is cited by the judge as a significant factor in sentencing determination.   Client sentenced to a maximum of 48 months.  

Saint Joseph County, IN.  October 2014

*  Appeal by parent to have name removed from the Child Protective Service 

    Central Registry  after the allegations against her had been withdrawn. 

    Administrative Law Judge's Opinion  sites Ms. Zoltowski's testimony as 

    carrying "great weight" in the decision making process.   Parent's name 

    expunged from registry. 

Kent County,  MI August 2014