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Although I have been gifted with several close friends in my life, I have not been as fortunate regarding a significant other. I've had girlfriends but I have spent more years alone than with someone. After 43 years of being law-abiding citizen, my loneliness and depression led to me make bad choices; desperate choices that landed me in jail. My jail stay was very short but it was enough for me to realize that I needed some professional help sorting this out. My lawyer directed me to Jennifer Zoltowski. I am very happy that she did.

Jennifer helped me learn about myself. As we began to work together, I recognized that she knew when to be blunt and/or honest toward me and when to have a lighter approach. I immediately appreciated that. It allowed me to build trust with her quickly. She demonstrated her professionalism often by reassuring me that everything was confidential. When she was required to generate my court-related documents, she openly shared them with me and asked for my input so I knew what was being said about me.

The court stuff was new to me and Jennifer helped me through it. She always asked about the results of each court appearance and would help me explore how it was affecting me. I had a great lawyer who wasn't always available to answer questions. Jennifer filled in for that, too. She provided answers that I was unable to get anywhere else.

She skillfully added comments or questions that allowed me to discover new perspectives. I knew loneliness and depression were elements that led me to make my bad choices but Jennifer helped me realize there was more. I was able to figure out that I had a very low self-worth; a low self-worth that had grown on me so slowly over many years that I never recognized its existence. It became commonplace for me to put the need of others ahead of my own. Often, this is a good trait to have but not when it lowers your self-value. I hadn't realized the toll it was taking on me. When a relationship came along that couldn't work the way I wanted it to, I started making bad decisions. I blinded myself to the consequences of my decisions because I didn't care what happened to me if I got caught. I just selfishly tried to do what I wanted instead of what was right. Not only has Jennifer helped me learn this about myself, she has provided many ways for me to improve this condition and quickly level it out.

It's hard to list everything that I think makes Jennifer a great therapist. She is very fair. She is considerate, compassionate, and kind. She is open and forthright while remaining professional. She has a way of helping you sort through your problems without just telling you what to do. I would recommend her services to anyone willing to learn about themselves. I have looked forward to every meeting and suspect you will too.

- Butch, Michigan