The Center for Assessment, Inc.

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Types of Evaluations Offered:

  • Criminogenic Risk Assessment
  • Sex Offender Risk Assessment
  • Delinquency Risk Assessment
  • Sentencing Recommendations
  • Domestic Violence Risk Assessment
  • Neglect/Abuse Risk Assessment
  • Best Interest Recommendations
  • Custody Evaluations
  • Parenting Time Recommendations 
  • Mental Health Evaluation
  • Adult and Juvenile Competency
  • Adult and Juvenile Culpability                                  

The Process of Psychological Testing:

Psychological testing can provide valuable information about the way a person thinks, learns and copes.  Testing allows for a better understanding of an individual’s intellectual, behavioral and emotional development. The information generated through an evaluation is designed to help better understand individual strengths and weaknesses and to identify how to best address problems that individuals might be having. Psychological testing may assist in risk assessment determinations, treatment recommendations, and determinations with regard to parenting time and custody.

The process of psychological testing consists of information gathering from multiple sources.  The psychologist will interview the individual and potentially members of their family to gain information about developmental history and current concerns. Previous evaluations and assessments are reviewed and other treatment providers may be consulted. With proper consent, information may be collected from schools, law enforcement agencies and any other relevant sources of information to gain a full and accurate clinical picture. In addition, clinical testing and behavioral observations will occur.

Tests may include assessments to determine intellectual functioning (I.Q.), academic achievement, memory, attention, executive functioning, personality testing, risk level and emotional functioning. The tests will be selected to answer the specific questions identified by the individual and the psychologist.

After the testing is complete, your clinician will generate a comprehensive report that includes a social history, testing results and recommendations for further treatment.  Should you so desire, you may schedule a conference with the evaluator to go over the test results. The evaluator will explain the purpose of the tests administered as well as the results of the assessment.   Treatment recommendations will also be addressed.  The individual is entitled to a copy of the report.  Once the psychological evaluation is completed, school consultations, court appearances and any other necessary consultation can be arranged at any time and billed on an hourly basis.

Please note that the evaluation process can take several hours.  Plan to be at the clinic for 3 to 4 hours on the date of your scheduled appointment.  Please bring appropriate toys and snacks if the client is a child.